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Bespoke Brows

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Feather touch brows

Hair like strokes are placed through the brows to create a natural looking fuller brow. Perfect for those who already have naturally full brows from front to ends that are wanting to add a little more definition and fullness.




Another beautiful option for those wanting to stay on the natural side. Our Nano stroke & shade is similar to our feather touch style but with added shading throughout the brows. Perfect for those who have little to no brow hair or those wanting to enhance their current shape. 



A more make-upy brow look using two slightly different techniques. Ombre starts of light and gradually gets darker towards the tail whereas powder is slightly softer at the front and darker and defined at the tails. Perfect for those who wear makeup often or are wanting definition or shape reconstruction. Also the most suitable option for those with oily skin or those who live active lifestyles.



Get the best of both worlds, using a combination of our feather touch and powder techniques. The fronts of your brows are kept natural with hair like stroke that are strategically blended into a powdered brow for ultimate definition from the middle to tail. Perfect for those who wear makeup often, those who are wanting definition or shape reconstruction but still wanting to keep them on the natural side.